Cleveland's Premier Adult Rowing Club
Established 1989


Get Involved. Join a Committee. Committees are open to all WRRA members. Interested? Please contact the director in charge of the committee you would like to contribute your time, knowledge, and skills.


Scott Spatny, Director-in-Charge 

Communication committee purpose: Provide effective internal and external promotion and communication for WRRA.

2020 Communications Cover Sheet


Open Seat, Director-in-Charge

Merchandise committee purpose: Increase visibility through apparel and accessories by researching, designing and procuring merchandise to raise awareness, promote and/or commemorate WRRA and WRRA events.

2019 Merchandise Cover Sheet

Finance, Fund Development

Barb Rauhe, Treasurer 

Finance committee purpose: To oversee WRRA financial management, pay rates for any employee or subcontractor-type vendor, to ensure consistency, fairness and competitiveness, and consistency of process. 

2020 Finance Cover Sheet

Membership, Administration

Frank Campbell, Director-in-Charge 

Membership committee purpose: To manage the registration of all WRRA members and collection of all associated fees, to communicate program offerings and fees to the membership and the public, and to respond to all inquiries regarding membership.

2020 Membership Committee Cover Sheet

Administration committee purpose: To organize, create, maintain, and archive all WRRA records and documents in an accessible form, manage access to WRRA property, manage WRRA information technology issues, and responsible for WRRA elections. 

2020 Administration Cover Sheet

Recreational Rowing

Anna Chanakas, Director-in-Charge

Sweeps committee purpose: Develop recommendations for, and facilitate quality sweeps and regatta experiences for WRRA members.

2019 Sweeps (General, Intermediate, Masters, Regattas) Cover Sheet

Sculling committee purpose: Develop recommendations for, and facilitate quality sculling experiences for WRRA members

2019 Sculling Cover Sheet

Outreach Programs: Veterans and Adaptive

Robert Emmet 

Veterans, Pararowing, Adaptive committee purpose: Develop and implement quality sweeps and sculling programs for active military personnel, Veterans (and Gold Star adult family members), pararowing athletes, and adaptive athletes.

2020 Veterans and Adaptive Rowing Cover Sheet


Kim Bache, Director-in-Charge

Equipment committee purpose: To provide WRRA board with support on the oversight and management of equipment issues, including shells, oars, launches, cox boxes, all repair supplies, tools, tents, locks, lockers, and all other equipment that supports the adult rowing programs.

2020 Equipment Cover Sheet

Competitive, Performance and Sculling

Open Seat, Director-in-Charge

Coaching committee purpose: Improve member experience through quality and consistency of coaching; Provide the tools and training to help WRRA have a continuum of qualified coaches for all programs. 

Coxing committee purpose: WRRA provides and promotes adult competitive and recreational rowing for the Northeast Ohio community through quality programming.

2018 Coaching Coxing Cover Sheet


Martha Brewer Rini

Volunteerism committee purpose: To promote and manage volunteerism within the WRRA community.

2020 Volunteerism Cover Sheet