Cleveland's Premier Adult Rowing Club
Established 1989


WRRA has a broad range of shells for almost any rower. The WRRA fleet consists of multiple 8+, 4+, 4X, 2X/2-, and 1X boats that are used across all WRRA programs.

For questions or equipment rental inquiries, please contact the Equipment Director at

Reserving a Boat

WRRA coached programs have precedence over independent crews. 

To reserve a boat, independent crews/scullers must:

  • Meet safety qualifications as stated in the SaM.
  • Paid WRRA full membership.
  • Record the time and equipment being used.
  • Observe CRF restriction policies, including:
      - Cold water restrictions.
      - Dock launching times M-F, 5:45pm-6:15pm

Reservations may be made up to 2 weeks in advance. If you make an advance reservation, but then are unable to row at that time, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible so another crew can use the boat.  A shell that’s reserved but the crew has not arrived 15 minutes after the reservation time, you may sign out the shell in the CRF binder.

Click the link below to create your New User Account. Approvals may take up to 1 week because we need to confirm that 1) you are a paid WRRA member and 2) have attended a CRF re-certification meeting.

We encourage you to make your reservations from your computer, phone, or tablet PRIOR to arriving at the boathouse or use the iPad at the front desk for reservations.