Cleveland's Premier Adult Rowing Club
Established 1989

Explanation of WRRA Fees

Quoted prices for WRRA programs include the total of several individual fees which are required for each program.  These individual fees are described below.

Membership Fee:
This fee is an annual fee which supports WRRA equipment acquisition, the WRRA Club Manager, some equipment repair, marketing and other administrative costs.  The “Basic” version of this fee excludes costs associated with equipment for those who use no WRRA-owned equipment.

Facilities Assessment Fee:
WRRA pays the Cleveland Rowing Foundation a fee for the use of the boathouse and all associated property (docks, parking lots, launches, etc.) and for the services of CRF employees (Executive Director, Maintenance employee).  WRRA recovers those costs through this Facilities Assessment Fee, which is levied on a seasonal basis.  Two seasons equals the annual maximum.

General Sweeps/ General Sculling Fee:
These fees cover costs associated with either the Sweeps or Sculling Fleet.  Specifically, it includes the costs of storage (rack fees), equipment repair and maintenance, watercraft registration and boat insurance.  This fee is charged depending on which fleet your program utilizes.

Program Fees(excluding SRL):

Program fees apply to coached programs and cover almost exclusively coaching fees (and sometimes coxswain fees).

Summer Rowing League Program Fee (and Fall Rowing):

The program fee for SRL covers costs associated with coaching, club manager, shell rack fees, equipment maintenance and repair, equipment insurance, SRL regattas and T-shirts. SRL participants do not pay the General Sweeps Fee.

Volunteer Deposit:
A Volunteer Deposit of $60 is required of all 2018 members who were full WRRA members in 2017. This fee is fully refundable upon completion of 8 hours of Volunteer service at designated activities. Additional information can be found here: