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The WRRA Board of Directors has recently reaffirmed the importance of volunteering to the current and future functioning of Western Reserve Rowing Association through passage of a volunteer program. The goals of this program are to encourage volunteerism among a larger population of our membership; encourage, reward and recognize exceptional volunteerism; foster a sense of ownership and community through engagement in a broader "WRRA Experience"; provide "parity" among all rowers with respect to their required service to WRRA; and finally to comply with our Code of Regulations.

To this end, in 2016 WRRA will collect a "volunteer deposit" in the amount of $60 during registration from all who were 2015 WRRA members. This deposit will be fully refunded upon completion of 8 documented volunteer service hours for WRRA during the current calendar year. Those who choose not to volunteer will forfeit the deposit, and, in so doing, establish parity with those who choose to volunteer.

A representative of the Volunteer Committee will be present at all official volunteer events to record all participants as well as their arrival and departure time. It is the responsibility of each volunteer to sign in upon arrival and sign out on departure. The Volunteer Committee will be establishing all the operational details of this program, many of which are still under development.

Volunteer service completed so far this year WILL count towards your minimum service requirements.

The Volunteer Committee will keep the membership advised of developments in this program. Additional information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

If you have additional questions, please contact

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