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James Hailey Named Director of Finance and Development

October 02, 2016 at 5:59 PM

James Hailey.pngThe WRRA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that this month James Hailey was appointed as the Director of Finance and Development for WRRA. Although the director position expires in November the Board chose to interview and appoint a director to allow orientation to the WRRA organization and board, the current budgeting and accounting procedures. The Board of Directors plans to nominate James in the election for a 3 year director term starting in November.

James has been with WRRA for 5 years rowing with SRL.  He graduated from John Carroll University with a BSBA followed by an MBA. Unfortunately this was prior to the JCU rowing team. James has extensive experience including (but not limited to) director of operations for a school, Chief Financial Officer for a large church community, service line leader for Human Arc, and a financial advisor. His responsibilities included establishing and following budgeting process, developing systems to improve metrics/revenue and soliciting alternate funding sources for non-profit organizations. He is familiar with the budgeting process and the Quick Books program hat WRRA uses for budgeting and documenting income/expenses.

One of the challenges for WRRA over the next years is to diversify income sources so that we are not fully dependent upon our members and SRL sponsorships. We believe that James is the person to help us develop plans and strategies to move forward in this direction and we are excited to work with him.