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May Newsletter Information

May 14, 2015 at 6:04 AM

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Volunteer News

Adaptive Rowing Program Needs Experienced, Safety-Certified Rower Volunteers
Our fledgling adaptive rowing program is on the water! Visually impaired novice rowers are learning to row on Sunday mornings, coached and mentored by WRRA members.
The program is in great need of volunteers with the following safety certification levels and rowing experience:

All rower volunteers having at least 1 year of experience are able to ride in launch or provide support in the boathouse and on the dock.
SQL 0 with 2+ years of experience: May row, but spots in the boat are limited.
SQL1 and SQL2 with 2+ years of experience are needed as rowers.
Coxswains with 1+ years of experience may be needed.

Some training is required to volunteer for this program, and program leaders can provide details and further information. Interested members should contact Jimmy Sholtis at or Sarah Jackson at

Thanks to our April and May Learn to Row Volunteers
WRRA Volunteer coxes and rowers got out on the water early in our 8 Learn to Row sessions held in April and early May. Over 180 new novices were introduced to rowing in this very popular program with the assistance of over 100 member volunteers.

Thanks much to all who helped with erg coaching, rowing, and coxing – you were all a key part of creating memorable experiences for our very enthusiastic new rowers this year.
And … for members who are interested in helping with upcoming Learn to Rows ….

June Learn to Rows Need Volunteer Rowers and Coxes
WRRA will be holding two more Learn to Row sessions in June – on either June 13 and 14 or June 20 and 21. Date certain to be provided shortly –via email and posted the Volunteer bulletin board and the WRRA website.

We need coxswains and rowers with at least 2+ years of rowing experience. The time commitment is 10 am to 2 pm either day and lunch is provided.

It's a great experience introducing novice rowers to our sport – volunteers are essential in helping WRRA grow participation in rowing in Northeast Ohio.
Those interested in volunteering may email

Equipment Orientation Sunday May 31
10am - 11:30am

"The more you know…" A tutorial for rowers regarding equipment led by WRRA's Equipment Committee.

Returning and novice rowers welcome. Volunteer hours will be granted for attendance.


  • Why is rowing so expensive?
  • The next crew will report the problem...
  • You know, that thingy the oar goes into...
  • Why does the cox box never seem to work?
  • I can't hear anything but static...

Areas we cover:

  • Brief explanation of equipment costs and fees
  • Equipment reporting best practices
  • A walkthrough of the boat and oar parts
  • Cox box care and understanding
  • Audio and cox box myths unraveled.

Equipment Care & Maintenance Workshop – tentative June 14
10am - 11:30am
Overview -- "Hands on!" A workshop to give rowers hands-on experience with equipment.
Returning and novice rowers are urged to attend. Volunteer hours will be granted.

  • Learn how to identify and locate problems with the equipment
  • Practice assembling parts,
  • Make small repairs with replacement parts.

What tools to bring, if you have them:

  • 7/16" wrenches
  • Allen wrenches
  • Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers