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Registration Now Open For All 2017 Rowing Activities

April 02, 2017 at 8:29 AM

Western Reserve Rowing Association is pleased to announce that registration for 2017 Rowing Activities is Now Open!

Program descriptions for all WRRA Rowing Programs can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below. Each of these pages will serve as the portal to the Registration site via "Register to Row!" buttons found on each page. Note: Coach, Coxswain, "Friends" and "Stakeholder" go directly to the registration site.

Summer Rowing League
General Sweeps
Intermediate Rowing
Masters Competitive Rowing
General Sculling
Private Sculling
Learn to Scull
Stakeholder Member
Friends of WRRA
Coach & Coxswain


2017 WRRA Rowing Program Calendar

Explanation of WRRA Fees

Learn to Row
Learn to Row registration is open for some April LTR dates. Other dates will open soon. Please encourage family and friends to try rowing! Your word of mouth is our best form of marketing.

New for Summer Rowing League!
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6:00 AM - 7:30 AM
Wednesday Noon-1:30 PM
Contingent on participation
Made possible by new locker rooms and shower facilities.

Explore the WRRA Website!
The WRRA Communications Committee maintains the website with the goal of providing an engaging resource for current WRRA members and the public about all aspects of our rowing programs.

Registration Process:
After arriving at the registration site through the link on the program pages, add the activity to your "cart". At that point you will be prompted to login (or create an account if you do not already have one). The advertised fee will include any pre-requisite components which will be automatically added to your "shopping cart". For example, for Summer Rowing League it will include WRRA Full Voting Membership fee and a WRRA Summer Facilities Assessment. Once you are on the "Shopping Cart" page, if you wish to enroll for another activity, simply click on "activities" on the bar across the top and choose something else. Registration is not complete until you get to the page that contains the option to print your receipt. Please review the email confirmation you receive immediately and contact the membership director if there is any issue.
Private Scullers: If you intend to register for both Private Sculling and another WRRA rowing program, please complete registration for one (checkout) before doing the other so that membership fees can be calculated correctly. Otherwise, you will be over-charged. All Private Scullers must register for Private Sculling.
Can't remember your password? If you cannot remember your password, please use the button "Forget your password?" to reset it. If you still cannot access your account please contact for assistance. DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE. We will remove it.

Payment is by credit card. Some programs will have the option of a payment plan. If this option is available it will be automatically presented as the default in a pop-up window. If you wish to pay in full, click the "x" at the top right of the Pop-up and select "pay in full" and proceed. Otherwise, click on "agree to payment plan' at the bottom of the pop-up window and proceed. If you need assistance, look HERE. All payment plans will have a "payment plan surcharge" to cover the fees associated with the automatic payments. Note: the payment plan option is not available on mobile devices. All fees are subject to sales tax (8%) except for Learn to Row. There will be a $1.25 transaction fee added to each transaction. Other service-provider processing fees (3.58%) are included in the price of the program. An explanation of WRRA fees can be found in the following document: Explanation of WRRA Fees

Waivers and Policies:
Registrants will also be prompted to electronically sign waivers which attest to their ability to swim, provide release of liability, and agree to the WRRA membership, payment, and refund terms. We will also require signing of paper version of these documents at your first practice. The text of these waivers can be accessed on the checkout page and can also be read here:

The registration system works on various computer browsers / platforms; however issues can arise from browser to browser and system to system depending on how they are configured, etc. If you have difficulties, please try using a different browser and if problems persist empty cache, restart and try again. If you pause for a while during registration, the system will time out you will need to wait an hour or two before continuing to allow the system to purge any orphaned activities.
Preferred platforms:
  • Windows, with Internet Explorer 11 or Chrome
  • Apple iOS (>9); with Safari

Other combinations will likely work but have not been officially tested by the service provider. For example, Apple computer, OS, Safari; Windows with Firefox.

Contact info:
  • If you have any difficulties registering, please contact
  • If you have questions about Summer Rowing League which are not addressed on the web pages for those programs, please contact .
  • If you have questions about other programs, please see the contact links on the appropriate program description pages on the WRRA website.
USRowing has joined the United States Olympic Committee in its SafeSport campaign aimed at raising awareness, stopping child abuse in sport and creating a safe culture in sports programs across the country. As a member of USRowing, WRRA has adopted a SafeSport policy designed to promote an environment free from bullying, hazing, and all forms of harassment. While WRRA is primarily an adult organization, we have a limited number of youth involved in our programs, and we share our boathouse with several scholastic rowing organizations. We share the commitment to creating a safe environment for the entire boathouse community.

Please take a moment to review the SafeSport policy available on the Safety page of WRRA's website.

See you on the water soon!