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The Ultimate Team Outing

Fun Team Building on the Cuyahoga River!

Rowing teaches lessons in collaboration, discipline and perseverance and is considered the ultimate team sport. There is nothing like the experience of working together on the water to unify a team. Western Reserve Rowing Association (WRRA) provides you and your colleagues a unique experience that enhances team camaraderie. In the hands of WRRA’s experienced coaches, everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or previous rowing experience, learns the skills necessary to achieve a common goal and experiences the thrill of rowing an eight-oared shell on the Cuyahoga.

Rowers face backward to propel a boat, opposite the direction of the boat. For this reason, they must trust their team leader to give them real-time, constructive feedback as they work as a group. Every movement made in a 60-foot long eight-person shell has an affect on the speed of the shell – a performance that is enhanced by working together. In this unified environment, leaders must also learn to be excellent followers and followers must learn how to lead, and everyone must learn how to do this simultaneously. Through this process, our corporate rowing program creates a culture that promotes growth and trust in teamwork. Your employees will return to their jobs invigorated and with a new understanding of and commitment to the value of “pulling together.”


Sample Schedule
(Corporate Row lasts 2-2½ hours)*

›› Welcome and boathouse tour by our coaching staff.
›› Learn technique and power application on the Ergometer: Indoor rowing machine.
›› Break into teams of 6 to 8 people for a short team building activity led by coaches: “Which seat are you?” Personality traits in an Eight.
›› Work as a team to carry the boat to the dock and prepare to launch.
›› On-water team building activities led by coaches.
›› Team debriefing – remarks by coaches.

*Actual times are subject to change.

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