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Rowing in Cleveland with WRRA

A Program To Fit Every Need

We have programs that will fit just about every type of rower -- new to the sport or an old pro, sweep or scull, just for fun or out for blood, and everything in between. Check out below to see the specific programs WRRA currently offers.

Summer Rowing League

If you are brand-new to the sport of rowing, or just looking for a way to have some fun in the sun once a week, our Summer Rowing League might be exactly what you're looking for. Learn more

General Sweeps

Looking to get back into rowing after a short (or not-so-short) hiatus?  Have you enjoyed learning the basics in SRL but hunger for a little more coaching and on-water time?  One of our more advanced General Sweeps programs might be just the ticket. Learn more


The Recreational team is a transitional program for those looking to garner a little more on-water time.  program will offer coached rowing with an emphasis on technique and time to enjoy being outdoors on the river.  It is for those rowers that want to get out on the river and row with some coaching, lower stroke ratings, and no emphasis on racing. Learn more


The Performance team is a transitional program for those looking to garner a little more direction and on-water time. The program will offer coached rowing with an emphasis on fitness and performance. This is for the rower that likes to get a good workout, row at higher stroke ratings, and is looking to refine their rowing technique. Learn more

Masters Competitive

The WRRA Masters team is our most competitive and rowing-intensive program yet. Get high-level coaching three times a week, travel to regattas to show WRRA pride against local, regional, and national  competitors, and get into great physical shape to boot! Learn more

General Sculling

Get certified as an independent sculler or independent pair to take advantage of sculling on one of the most challenging and exciting rivers around. Learn more

Indoor Rowing

Come learn and enjoy the benefits of working out on the ergometer over the winter months.  Stay in shape on your own or with the group to get ready for rowing (and swimsuit) season! Learn more

Outreach Rowing Programs

Veterans / Military Rowing League

The program teaches the basics of sweep rowing in a coed team setting for those interested in a fun and challenging training program with the goal of competing at appropriate levels as skills progress. Participants start by learning the basics of the rowing stroke and join experienced military and veteran rowers as confidence and capabilities improve. Learn more

Para Rowing
Pararowing is rowing, or sculling, open to new and experienced rowers with a disability.

This program is for military and non-military participants with disabilities and includes indoor and on-water rowing for fitness, competing, and recreation in sculling boats meant for one or two rowers. Experienced staff and volunteers adjust the equipment for each boat so the capabilities of each participant are maximized.  Learn more

Adaptive Rowing

The program offers visually impaired adult athletes the chance to enjoy the fun, challenge, and relaxation experienced by the sport of rowing. Learn more