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Indoor Rowing on Ergs

Once on-water rowing programs have ended and temperatures drop, WRRA rowers have two options for the winter: a) hibernation until the warm weather returns, or b) taking your rowing activities indoors and onto the ergs.  You know choice “b” is the right choice — for you, for the team, for the club — so join in. Please find below the details and cost of winter erging with WRRA.

  1. WRRA members that were registered to row in BOTH the Summer AND Fall during 2019, you are already eligible to participate in open/coached erg sessions during the winter months.

  2. WRRA members that were registered to row in ONE season in 2019 (Summer OR Fall), winter registration is required. The fee is $99 which provides access to the erging facilities during open/coached erg sessions for the winter months.

  3. New members: Registration is required. The fee is $99 which provides access to the erging facilities during open/coached erg sessions for the winter months. Join today!

Open Erg

Coached Erg Sessions 

December 16 - April 13:

  • Mon & Wed 6-7:30PM
  • No coached erging on Christmas Day.
  • New Years Day will have a coached session at the scheduled time.

Coached sessions are available to any WRRA member eligible for winter erging. If you registered for a summer and fall program in the 2019 season, you are eligible for winter erging at no additional fee.

If you only registered for one season (summer or fall) or you are a non-member, there's an additional assessment ($99) fee for the winter. 
Register for Erging

Let the coach know you're coming, sign up by emailing and requesting to be added to the TeamSnap Roster for coached erg sessions. Signing up allows the coach to communicate with the rowers regarding cancellations due to weather.

Session description:

  • A structured work out of roughly one hour on the erg with warm up and cool down
  • Stretching and light strength training session (roughly 15 mins) following the erg workout
  • Coach will work with individual rowers throughout the session on technique
  • Incorporation of drills as necessary 
  Register Now

If you have any problems or questions with registration, please contact Membership.

Technical issues or questions regarding TeamSnap, please contact Coaching

Open Erg Sessions

December 1 - April 13: 

  • Mon - Thurs evenings, 6-7:30PM
  • Saturday mornings, 8-9:30AM
  • (Christmas Eve/New Year's Eve excepted)

These are times during which the ergs are reserved and available for WRRA members. REMEMBER: Do not plan to come erg unless you know there is someone able to open and close the boathouse (see below).

  • The erg schedule for March has not yet been determined.

Open erging sessions are informal and loosely structured.

  • Traditionally, more experienced rowers help to organize workouts based on coach or trainer recommendations, or participants can choose to do their own workouts.
  • Ergs are first-come, first-served during WRRA practice times.
  • In most cases one of the members of the Masters Team at the Tues, Thurs, and Sat sessions will lead an erg work-out and may also mix in occasional calisthenic / weight-bearing exercises. You are free to join that workout or do a different workout of your choice.
  • The ergs are also available to WRRA members on Monday and Wednesday.

Session Managers allow WRRA access to the boathouse

  • Boathouse access during WRRA practice times is dependent on having someone who can open and close the boathouse. This means there may be some days when erging cannot take place if an authorized WRRA member is not available.
  • An email list will be set up so that the members who open and close the boathouse can stay in touch with the erging group. Please email to be added to the email list to be kept up to date on practice changes and cancellations.

If you have questions about Winter Erging structure, schedule or contact list, please contact