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Established 1989

General Sculling

For Experienced Rowers

Program Description

The General Sculling program allows a rower who has paid full WRRA membership fees to use WRRA sculling equipment on the Cuyahoga River (WRRA owned 1x, 2x, 2- and 4x sculls and oars), as ruled by the Board of Directors and Sculling Committee and is subject to equipment availability.

A General Sculling participant using club equipment must be certified as an Independent Sculler or Independent Pair by the WRRA Sculling Committee and have passed the SQL test before using any WRRA equipment without an accompanying coach or fellow independent rower on the Cuyahoga River. All shells must be reserved through the Appointy reservation program. Please be considerate of other rowers and CANCEL your session if you are not able to row.

Program Cost

2017 General Sculling package, with WRRA general membership & annual facility assessment: $600

General Sculling membership fees only (for rowers in other programs who have paid WRRA general membership & annual facility assessment): $182


Note: Sales tax (8%) along with a convenience fee of $1.25 will be added to each transaction. Other registration service provider fees are included in the program cost.

Payment Plan and Refund information 

Program Dates

Cold water restrictions apply between December 1 and April 15 of each calendar year. For details, refer to the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Safety Manual (SaM)

Sculling Rules and Restrictions

  • All sculling members must follow the safety guidelines as stated in the SaM as well as adhere to the WRRA Sculling Program Guidelines.
  • General Sculling members are responsible for using appropriate WRRA equipment taking into consideration their weight, the weight limits of the shell, the skill level of sculler, and any other restrictions on the use of the shell set by the Board of Directors.

  • General sculling members using WRRA equipment MUST sign boats in and out on the CRF sign-out log. For complete boat reservation information, see the WRRA Sculling Program Guidelines.

  • General sculling members are responsible for the mandatory use of rowing mirrors, plus marine radio and boat lights as required by the SaM. Scullers are responsible for providing their own mirrors, marine radios, and boat lights.

  • All independent scullers and independent doubles shall be required to carry a noise making device, e.g. whistle, while rowing.

Certified Independent Scullers:

For information on the Independent Sculler Certification process refer to the WRRA Sculler Certification Process.

For program and independent certification questions, contact:

For registration and fee questions, contact: