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Coxing Opportunities & Clinics

Are you a rower who wants to learn to cox? Need a little extra pocket money for post-row drinks?

WRRA is looking for coxswains (new or experienced) for Masters, Recreational, Performance and Summer/Fall Rowing Leagues. Pay per session is $18-25 depending on the program. With Masters and Performance, there is an option to travel to away regattas for pay.


Possible practices are in the following timeframes depending on the program: Tues-Thurs mornings 6:00-7:30AM; Mon-Fri evenings 5:45-8:45PM; Sat mornings 6:00AM-Noon. Please note your availability on the application and we will try to place you with the appropriate program.

Coxing 101 clinic (off water) will be offered April 28th 10:30-11:30AM with a follow-up coxing 201 clinic (on water) on May 5th 10:30AM-12:30PM. Space in the 201 clinic is limited to 4 participants.

Please RSVP to to participate in the Coxing Clinics.

Registration for 2018 Rowing Activities is Now Open!

2018 Rowing Activities 

Summer Rowing League - If you are brand-new to the sport of rowing, or just looking for a way to have some fun in the sun once a week, our Summer Rowing League might be exactly what you're looking for. LEARN MORE & REGISTER

General Sweeps

Looking to get back into rowing after a short (or not-so-short) hiatus?  Have you enjoyed learning the basics in Summer Rowing League (SRL) but hunger for a little more coaching and on-water time?  One of our more advanced General Sweeps programs might be just the ticket.

Recreational - The Recreational team is a transitional program for those looking to garner a little more on-water time.  program will offer coached rowing with an emphasis on technique and time to enjoy being outdoors on the river.  It is for those rowers that want to get out on the river and row with some coaching, lower stroke ratings, and no emphasis on racing. LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Performance - The Performance team is a transitional program for those looking to garner a little more direction and on-water time. The program will offer coached rowing with an emphasis on fitness and performance. This is for the rower that likes to get a good workout, row at higher stroke ratings, and is looking to refine their rowing technique. LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Masters Competitive - The WRRA Masters team is our most competitive and rowing-intensive program yet. Get high-level coaching three times a week, travel to regattas to show WRRA pride against local, regional, and national  competitors, and get into great physical shape! LEARN MORE & REGISTER

General Sculling

Get certified as an independent sculler or independent pair to take advantage of sculling on one of the most challenging and exciting rivers around. LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Private Sculling - For rowers with personal sculling equipment LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Learn to Row Registration is open. Space remains on April 14, 15 and 21.
Please encourage family and friends to try rowing!

Maintenance Days

If it’s March, it’s time to get the WRRA fleet READY TO ROW!

WRRA is looking for volunteers to assist with upcoming pre-season maintenance days every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - noon. It’s not too late to do your part keeping our fleet sweet! Sign up for Maintenance Saturday! Sign up by emailing below or just show up. Walk-ins welcome!

Questions? Contact Kim Bache: