Cleveland's Premier Adult Rowing Club
Established 1989

2022 WRRA Payment and Refund Policy:

Payment of registration fees is required at the time of registration. All payments must be made with a credit card. The ActiveNet registration site accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. An Activenet processing fee of $1.25 will be added to each transaction. All transactions are subject to 8% sales tax with the exception of Learn to Row. Anyone with an outstanding balance will not be permitted to register.

2022 WRRA Payment and Refund Policy (PDF)

Optional Payment Plans:  

The optional payment plan (available only for some programs) requires an initial payment followed by 2 or more automatic charges to your credit card at defined dates in the future. If automatic payments are impeded for any reason (including but not limited to lost, stolen, insufficient funds, declined, expired, closed, etc.) the individual with the outstanding balance will have 14 days from the failed payment date to complete the payment, after which a $25 late payment fee will be applied to the account and membership and rowing privileges will be immediately suspended until payment is received. The account holder will be automatically notified of the failed payment by email to the address provided in the Activenet account (member must maintain current email address). It is the member’s responsibility to receive the email. If the balance remains unpaid, up to two additional $25 late fees will be levied at 30 and 60 days after the initial late fee, at which point Membership and all associated privileges will be terminated. No refunds will be made, and rowing in future years will require paying all past due balances. Contact WRRA at if you have any questions. Each payment plan in which you enroll will incur a Payment Plan Surcharge to cover costs to WRRA associated with the processing of these automatic transactions.

There are two types of payment plans offered:

  • Summer Rowing League, Intermediate, and General Sculling: Three payments 
    • 40% is due at time of transaction
    • 30% is due 31 days after initial registration
    • 30% is due 62 days after initial registration
    • Payment plan Surcharge: $4.50
  • Masters: Four payments
    • 40% is due at time of transaction
    • 20% is due 31 days after initial registration
    • 20% is due 62 days after initial registration
    • 20% is due 93 days after initial registration 
    • Payment plan Surcharge: $6.75