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Every Rower Should Know....

June 28, 2016 at 4:39 AM

Basic things all rowers should know:
  • Moving the boat safely off/on the rack and out to the dock
  • Moving quickly to get on/off the dock
  • Port vs Starboard – seat numbers
  • Stern vs Bow
  • Making adjustments on the water – spacers/foot stretchers
  • Basic coxswain commands when rowing (ready all _____; in 2_____; weigh enough; check it down...)
  • Backing for turning and maneuvering the boat in passing zone – no matter which seat!
  • Checking it down – hard vs light
  • How to transition between pairs
  • Setting the boat when not rowing
  • Rowing lightly when approaching the dock
For novice teams – All rowers should know these steps after the first 4 weeks.
For experienced teams – Coaches should assess all rowers in the first 2 weeks to ensure they know how to perform these steps.

Download the List Here.