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Fall Rowing League (FRL)

Program Description

The 8-week Fall Rowing League (FRL) program is designed for rowers of all abilities, from recreational, performance, and summer rowing leagues, to row together as a team in an eight-person shell.  Teams may consist of rowers with one season of SRL, experienced rowers, or mixed skill levels.  During once-a-week coached practice sessions, rowers will develop boat handling skills and rowing technique.  All FRL rowers receive a Fall Rowing T-shirt.

IMPORTANT: Due to a very limited number of coaches, two (2) FRL teams will be placed with one (1) coach. In an attempt to get as many rowers on the water as possible this fall, qualified coaches will take 2 teams each session. Each coach has been certified to supervise multiple boats and is qualified to coach 2 boats at a time. With registration into this program, each participant consents to this program change.

WRRA will not be providing coxswains for the fall season. If a crew does secure a coxswain, it must be approved by the WRRA Program Director and the crew is responsible for compensation of the coxswain. Coxswains are limited in the Fall season, so teams must be prepared to cox themselves.

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Program Dates and Times

Fall Rowing League begins the week of August 22nd and runs through the week of October 15th. Participants row once weekly with a dedicated team of 10 to 12 rowers.

  1. Program days and time availability are dependent on enrollment
  2. No practice will be held on September 2nd.  Regular practice times which fall on holidays will be rescheduled at the convenience of the coach and crew. All FRL make up sessions MUST be approved by the Program Director to ensure equipment availability prior to confirming with coach and crew.

FRL sessions:  Boats leave and return to the docks at the times specified below. Participants should arrive 15 minutes prior to practice time in order to change, prepare equipment and meet with your team.

Mornings - 
Fridays: 6:00 AM – 7:30 AM     
Afternoons -
Fridays: Noon - 1:30 PM
Evenings -
Monday - Thursday: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM   
Weekends -
Saturday: 8:45 AM- 10:15 AM                

Program Cost and registration

2022 FRL program package, with WRRA general membership & seasonal facility assessment: $164.00

FRL program fees only (for rowers in other programs who have already paid WRRA general membership w/facility assessment): 

Note:  Sales tax (8%) along with a convenience fee of $1.25 will be added to each transaction.  Other registration service provider fees are included in the program cost.

>> Registration for Fall Rowing League will be sent via email

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Head of the Cuyahoga (HOTC): 
September 17, 2022
Fall Rowing League has the option of rowing in the HOTC.