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Established 1989

General Sweeps

For Experienced Rowers

Program Description

The General Sweeps program allows rowers who wish to organize their own independent crews use of WRRA four-person (4+) and eight-person (8+) shells, oars, and cox boxes. General Sweeps membership does not include coaching. Rowers must provide their own marine radios and bow/stern lights (when needed).

Rowers enrolled in SRL, Intermediate, or Masters programs are automatically registered for General Sweeps through August 13th. 

Equipment Use:

General Sweeps participants who wish to use WRRA equipment outside of the SRL, Intermediate, and Masters Competitive programs, must reserve equipment using the Equipment Reservation website (subject to availability). 

Program Cost

  • Members enrolled in SRL, Intermediate, or Masters are automatically enrolled in General Sweeps
  • General Sweeps is not a stand alone program for individuals to enroll in
Program Dates
  • WRRA’s rowing season begins on April 15 through December 1, 2022.

Rowing is permitted between December 1 and March 31, 2023 but is subject to CRF Cold Water Restrictions. For details refer to the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Safety Manual

WRRA General Sweeps Rules and Restrictions

  • Regularly scheduled coached sweep rowing programs, such as Masters Competitive, Intermediate and SRL, have equipment priority over independent use by General Sweeps rowers.
  • When rowing outside of the coached sweep rowing programs in an independent crew:
    • Equipment must be reserved using the Equipment Reservation website and is subject to availability.
    • All rowers using WRRA sweeps equipment without an accompanying coach on the Cuyahoga River must have passed the necessary safety qualifications and adhere to all rules and procedures outlined in the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Safety Manual (SaM)
  • Please refer to Independent Boat Guidelines for more detailed information related to rowing WRRA shells independently (without coaching).

 For program information, contact: