Cleveland's Premier Adult Rowing Club
Established 1989

Private Sculling

For rowers with personal sculling equipment


Program Description

The Private Sculling program allows a rower who has paid WRRA Basic membership fees (no equipment), access to the private sculling bay for storage of his/her personal sculling equipment. Rowers are responsible for paying annual private boat rack fees directly to the Cleveland Rowing Foundation. The Private Sculling program does not grant use of WRRA sculling equipment.

Sculling Certification:

A Private Sculling participant must be certified as an Independent Sculler by the WRRA sculling committee and have passed the SQL test before using any personal rowing equipment without an accompanying coach or fellow independent rower on the Cuyahoga River. For information on the Independent Sculler Certification process refer to the WRRA Independent Sculler Certification Process

2021 Program Cost

  • Private Sculling: $492
    (Includes WRRA general membership fee and CRF annual facility assessment). Cost includes WRRA refundable volunteer deposit.
  • Private Sculling fees only: $0
    (for rowers in other programs who have paid WRRA general membership & both summer and fall facility assessment): but must register via Activenet.
  • Sales tax (8%) along with a convenience fee of $1.25 will be added to each transaction.  Other registration service provider fees are included in the program cost.
  • Payment Plan information

Program Dates

  • WRRA’s primary rowing season is April 15 through December 1, 2022.
  • Rowing is permitted between December 1 and April 14, 2022 but is subject to CRF Cold Water Restrictions as outlined in the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Safety Manual (SaM).

WRRA Private Sculling rules and restrictions:

  • All sculling members must follow the safety guidelines as stated in the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Safety Manual (SaM) as well as adhere to the WRRA Sculling Program Outline and Equipment Guidelines.
  • All privately owned shells shall be signed in and out on the iCrew app.
  • Private sculling members are responsible for the mandatory use of a mirror, marine radio, and boat lights as required by the SaM.  
  • All independent scullers and independent doubles shall be required to carry a whistle or other noise making device while rowing.
  • Prior to going on the water all members must sign the WRRA Liability Waiver and Swim Waiver.
  • All members must also follow the Shell Cleaning Procedures.