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Established 1989

Summer Rowing League 

Sub List Sign-Up

NOTE: This process has been changed (simplified) as of 5/27/2018.

All SRL registered rowers who would like to receive sub list emails must follow the below instructions to sign up for the sub list. The sub list is an email distribution that is used to push messages out to the interested SRL membership when subbing opportunities are available.  NOTE: You must have a Google account to sign up for the sub list.


1)  Sign into Google. If you do not have an account you will need to create one (it’s free).

2)  Click on this link:

3)  Click on Apply to membership.


4)  Complete and submit application (Answer validation questions completely or you will be denied membership)


Once you have completed these steps and have been approved for the SRL/FRL Sub List continue to the next step of posting to the group. (please give the approval process at least 24 for 48 hours before emailing the Club Manager) 

**If you encounter any problems registering please contact,